We are pleased to announce that Utrecht University will host the 3rd National Interdisciplinary Education Conference, taking place January 22, 2019. Utrecht University is a pioneer of broad, interdisciplinary education: its first interdisciplinary programmes in the humanities and the social sciences  were founded 30 years ago. Utrecht University now offers eight broad undergraduate programmes, including two university colleges, as well as many interdisciplinary graduate programmes.

The 2019 National Interdisciplinary Education Conference’s theme will be integration. Integration, in the context of interdisciplinary education, can have multiple meanings. It can mean integrating insights from different disciplines, in order to create a more comprehensive understanding of a complex issue that constitutes of more than just the disciplinary parts. It can mean integrating people – students and staff; town and gown – to account for the diverse population of society and academia. It can mean integrating research into education and education into research, improving science and academia as well as teaching and learning, for example by translating interdisciplinary research into interdisciplinary education and by promoting empirical research on interdisciplinary educational practices. Aside from these three subjects, many more themes come to mind when thinking of integration with respect to interdisciplinary education, and we invite participants to share these matters at the 2019 NIE Conference.

More information, including important deadlines, will follow in September.