During the conference we hope you will get inspired by the discussions, workshops and many examples of interdisciplinary education. To be able to go home with shared ideas we encourage you to use the sticky notes you received with your badge, and give us your thoughts on the questions below:

1) What do you consider to be the most essential aspect of interdisciplinary education?
2) What developments do you expect to most affect the future of interdisciplinary education?
3) What barriers have you encountered while implementing your form of (interdisciplinary) education?
4) What is the best example of interdisciplinary education you have seen so far? (Bachelor, Master, minor or course)
5) How can this conference and its community help to facilitate the needs of your education practice, now and in the future?

At the Atrium Conservatory you can place your ‘sticky note’ on the whiteboard. Your input will be used for a ‘playful’ debate at the end of the conference